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When you're looking for an experienced optometrist, contact Dr. Michele's Eyecare Center. In business since 1999, we have the skills and experience needed to diagnose and treat all eye conditions. To make eye care affordable for you, we're authorized dealers of most vision insurance plans.

The world doesn't have to look so blurry. Give us a call today.

•  Vision exams

•  Diabetic eye exams

•  Prescription eyeglass fulfillment – designer and basic

•  Contact lens fitting and ordering



Get top-notch service:

•  Dry / watery eye evaluations

•  Macular degeneration and low vision assessments

•  Diagnosis and treatment for common eye conditions and diseases



Have your eyes checked regularly:

Do you have to squint every time you read a book? Do you get frequent unexplained headaches? Come in at the first sign of a problem to have your eyes checked thoroughly.

Don't wait until it's too late

Keep your eyes healthy